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Poster: Albert Schlef Date: Jun 17, 2009 12:07pm
Forum: faqs Subject: How to contact the webmaster?

Is it possible to contact the person(s) responsible for the technical side of ''?

The story is as follows:

Back in March I complained that your servers no longer support "download resuming". I mentioned this again in April. Months have passed and the problem hasn't been tended to. It's likely that the problem is trivial to fix and that the webmasters are just unaware of it.

So I'm thinking to contact the webmaster directly. I've searched for a "contact us" link on the FAQ page, but couldn't find any. Could somebody please help me?

In a nutshell:

When your servers don't support "download resuming", we must download movies (or any other big file) in "one sitting" and if the connection is lost for some reason the file needs to be re-downloaded again --and again.